The Patient Organization by Walt Brown (Paperback)


Discoveries from 180+ Implementations.  In this book, you will learn the 7 Question – 7 Promise Culture and Engagement Framework™ and how you use it to flip the script and present the OOS (Organizational Operating System) you already have, i.e. EOS®, Scaling Up, etc as something you are doing “for” your people, not “to” them. This will allow you to cultivate buy-in and measurable Employee Engagement. It is how you maintain perpetual momentum by adding Cultural and Structural clarity and consistency to the Organizational Operating System you already have. Same Organizational Operating System tools, just a new mindset. Why does EOS® work? Why does Traction® work? Why does Scaling Up work?  By extension, why do these Organizational Operating Systems not work? What makes them fail to deliver consistent results from company to company?  Why is one company’s installation incredible when another just feels mechanical and dead? There is one reason, and it lies in how you relate and roll out your OOS to your people. You have ONE chance to explain why you are installing your Organizational Operating System, your success all comes down to their buy-in. Do they see your Organizational Operating System installation as something you are doing “for” them or “to” them? The deck is already stacked against you, most employees will see anything new as something you are doing “to” them, not “for” them.  You have one chance to get it right. If your message is not clear and full of belief and passion, then you are destined to be average. Use the 7Q7P Framework™ to succeed as those before you have, especially those with millennials in their workforce.

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