On-demand courses to make EOS®, Scaling Up®, or any Operating System come alive with employee engagement.

A complete course that teaches you the Why, the What and the How to flip the script and unleash the power of engaged employees when using an organizational operating system like EOS®, or Scaling Up™.


Learn the 'Why' behind employee engagement and how you already have what you need inside your Organizational Operating System to make it a reality.

Learn about the bottom line rewards, what you should anticipate, and how to measure and sharpen your employee engagement efforts for maximum ROI.


Learn how to use the 7 Question 7 Promise Framework as part of your Organizational Operating System rollout and ongoing engagement efforts.

Does it sometimes feel like you are running a divided company?

Do employees feel things are done To them or For them?

Do you feel like you are surrounded by the team you always dreamed of?

Does it feel like people might be grumbling behind the scenes?

Are you sucked back into people problems?

Does it feel like execution might be slipping?

Does it feel hard to maintain momentum?

Does it feel like you are constantly losing steam on new initiatives?

Does it always feel easy?

7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™

What if your people could answer YES to these seven questions week after week?

As a leader, never be blindsided again, you will have a pulse on the engagement levels of your workforce and be able to address weakness via your Organizaitonal Operating System like EOS® headon. Imagine what it would be like if your people understood and embraced these seven things about working with your company, and you thought of them as promises.

Question Promise
Do I Belong? Yes. We are going to surround you with people who have these Core Values and skills to do their job, like you, they Belong.
Do I Believe? Yes. We are going to surround you with people who buy in, and believe in where we are going, they Believe.
Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for? Yes. We are going to surround you with people who challenge their work, who understand and embrace what they are accountable for.
Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured? Yes. We are going to surround you with people who buy into how they are measured and will work to meet and improve their measures.
Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard? Yes.  We are going to surround you with people who know how our company listens and take an active voice in making things better for everyone.
Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed? Yes.  We are going to surround you with people who take advantage and control of their own professional and personal development.
Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance? Yes. Finally, we are going to surround you with people who leave the drama at home, the most balanced group of co-workers you have ever enjoyed.

Free Tool – Cultural Clarity and Consistency

7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey™

Take the 7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey™ on behalf of your organization for a quick way to see where you stand currently.

image of the 7 Question Employee Engagement and Culture survey used to measure the effectiveness of EOS Implementations
Mercer Stanfield

President, Brame Specialty Company

“Becoming a Patient Organization is critical for any company looking to thrive. It changed the way we think, act and is a major catalyst in the growth of our company.”

Clay Gilbert

CEO, Thornton Brothers

“We run our entire company on the 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™ and the Organizational Cognizance Model™.

Austin Koon

Partner, Davis Moore

I had run a company for over 10 years before first working with Walt, I wish we had met earlier. Every organization should be making sure that their people have clear answers to the 7 Fundamental Questions.

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This is a practical toolkit that will work with every team and organization that has people.

You're hitting goals, your size is close to what you imagined, but you're wondering why it is not as you dreamed.

Your corporate flywheel feels more like a hamster wheel, you're running out of steam, and ready for a power boost.

You've invested in peer groups such as Vistage, YPO, or C12 and you are asking "what's next?".

You've invested in, and implemented an Organizational Operating System like EOS® or Scaling Up and are looking for more ROI.

You're investing in developing a strong leadership team in the hopes of getting help everyday.

You know you can be great, but the path is fuzzy.

So where do you start, It’s simple. Here is your plan.

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